Happy New Year. We hope you had a great time over the festivities and that January is going well for you.

It seems this annual update is becoming a bit of a habit as we continue to be poor at updating the page on an ongoing basis.

We continue to have the privilege of working with amazing people on great projects. Here are some of the highlights from 2019.

Sartorius Stedim

It has been great to be back working with Sartorius Stedim, BioOutsource in 2019.  Delivering more of the Project Management Programme we developed a number of years ago along with some new approaches to support junior team members to develop effective personal effectiveness and emotional intelligent skills at the start of their career. We already have plans for more projects in 2020 and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

Talent Focus Consulting

Another busy year working in partnership with Talent Focus Consulting. We developed and delivered a 3-day residential Management Development Programme to 50 managers across the US, Dubai, Malaysia and UK for the talent management organisation NES Global Talent. The first 30 of the participants in the programme were mentored by the 2018-19 senior team who took part in the coaching programme we delivered, the remaining 20 are currently being mentored in small groups by us. The mentoring is for 6 months after taking part in the programme to support participants make real changes in their management practice.


We developed and delivered a team development day for Alconex.  Working with the skilled team who are part of this new and rapidly growing infrastructure organisation. The day resulted in a team who understood one another better, appreciated their strengths and had a plan for development where improvements were necessary. We look forward to partnering with Alconex during 2020 to support their growth plans.

Amici Procurement

A key focus for 2019 was supporting a review, development and launch of a new People Development framework. This involved organisation wide engagement to develop an approach that was meaningful and that focused on agreed values. We provided company wide training to ensure everyone understood the approach and rolled out something that was fit for purpose with a view to enhancing the framework following the gathering of feedback on the revised approach.

Continuing to support the senior team through executive coaching and the facilitation of Action Learning Sets with those who took part in the Entrepreneurial Impact Programme in 2018/19 and have developed and delivered a compressed Entrepreneurial Impact Programme for junior mangers in the business.

Museums Galleries Scotland

We have had a great time in 2019 supporting MGS’s trainee development programme, helping people from a diverse range of backgrounds gain experience in the Museum and Gallery sector, through a one-year placement and ongoing training. We worked with trainees and their managers to support skill development and the preparation of the trainees for their first professional post following their placement.

Shepherd and Wedderburn

We continue to delivery management training and one to one Executive Coaching assignment with senior team members. We are delighted to be working with the team across all divisions of the firm.

Thank you to all our clients for their support over the years, we are looking forward to continuing to work with them, alongside new clients and projects that will unfold as the year goes on. If we are more organised this year you will learn about what we are up to here, or you’ll find out Jan 2021!

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2020.

Thank you.

EPC Team