Happy New Year.  We hope you had a great time over the festivities and that January is going well for you.

Despite our 2018 intentions we have been woeful at updating the web site with current news.  So, we thought we would provide a summary here.

We have had a great year, working with amazing people on interesting and challenging projects. Here are some of the highlights.

Amici Procurement

After the success of the Entrepreneurial Impact Programme, which you can read more about further down the page, we are very excited to be working with Amici on an extended project throughout 2019,  supporting their senior team to develop and grow the business and further enhance their strong people development strategy.

Talent Focus Consulting

Another great year working in partnership with Talent Focus Consulting.  We delivered a 7-month Business Leaders coaching programme for 30 senior managers across three locations US, Dubai and UK for the talent management organisation NES Global Talent.  This month we are starting discussions to do a related project for more junior managers in 2019.  We are excited to continue to develop the positive relationships we have built.

Legal Services Agency

This month sees us coming to the end of a 6-month Management Development Programme that we have developed and delivered to six key legal and non-legal staff in the team.  Supporting the development of core management skills through workshops, guided reading and implementation within the organisation.

Shepherd and Wedderburn

Delivering recurring management training and one to one Executive Coaching assignment with senior team members.   We are delighted to be continuing to work with the team across all divisions of the firm.

We would like to thank all our clients for their support over the years and look forward to continuing to work with them, alongside new clients and projects that will unfold as the year goes on.  If we are more organised this year you will learn about what we are up to here, or you’ll find out Jan 2020!

Wishing you a Happy 2019.

Thank you.

EPC Team