We are delighted to be working with BioOutsource a part of Sartorious Stedem Biotech. We have developed and are delivering a bespoke Management Development Programme (MDP) to 40 of its managers. The project that started in July runs to April 2017 and consists of a four-day programme of workshops delivered over a 4 to 5 month period. Each workshop is focused on supporting each manager to enhance their own skills and capabilities within a rapidly growing organisation. During the facilitated workshops, sharing of personal experience is as important as the content of each workshop and through dynamic, participative content, managers develop real practical skills that they can apply to their role immediately and build on to develop their management practice. Between each workshop the managers take part in directed reading and related homework, which they share with their own line managers to gain support and commitment for their development, this improves the sustainability of the improvements in management practice.